Brewery Tour: Honey Wagon Brewing – Tehachapi, CA

Honey Wagon Brewing

365 Enterprise Way, Suite G, Tehachapi, CA 93561


After hiking Tehachapi Mountain, I needed to reward myself.  And what better way than finding a nearby brewery!?

The view from the top of Tehachapi Mountain

Honey Wagon Brewing is one of the coolest breweries I’ve been to in a long time.  Tucked in an industrial area, this place has a super friendly, welcoming, warehouse vibe.  I was even lucky enough to visit on a Wednesday when they have open mic night.  There were many fantastic local musicians.

It’s a small batch place with a wraparound bar, a few tables, and plenty of open space.  Rumors are that on nice days, there is also some outside seating.  Other rumors suggest the brewery might soon offer limited food or have a food truck.  When I visited, they had a bowl of pretzels and some lollipops.  You can bring in food or have stuff delivered.

The bartenders were friendly and knowledgable.  The barstool neighbors were happy and welcoming.  The beers were tasty and exciting.  The music was live and entertaining.



1. The Amount of Choices

I was super fortunate to visit on a day when 23 beers were available (plus a hard root beer).  That is an insane amount for one little brewery to brew.  As you can see in the photo below, their entire menu board was filled up.  Can I have one of each?

At other times, they may not have as many (the week before they only had 8 on tap), but the possibility is real.


2. The Creative Choices

Not only are there 23 choices, there are 23 uniquely interesting choices. OK OK OK, maybe not ALL of them are interesting… which is good too… you need to have the basics!  But even the basics had some creative names (No. 2 Brown).

The menu offered some basics, along with crazy flavors, such as passion fruit, coconut, chocolate maple, and apple cinnamon.  I’m a huge fan of unique flavors.  I had such a hard time decided what I wanted to try.

And where else can you drink a Sour Patch Kids beer?


3.  The Locals

It’s one of those places where you walk in and know people.  And if you don’t, you will know people by the time you leave.

Come as a stranger, leave as a friend.



Beers available (as of November 18, 2015):

  • Blonde 5.2%
  • Ruthless Red 5.6%
  • No. 2 Brown 5.5%
  • Snob’s IPA 7.2%
  • Shark Attack 5.7%
  • Hard Root Beer 6.2%
  • Pumpkin Porter 6.6%
  • Sour Patch Kids 5.2%
  • Whiskey Snob’s 7.1%
  • Apple/Cinni Blonde 5.2%
  • Coconut Blonde 5.2%
  • Blue Noser Chocolate Maple Porter 8.4%
  • Andromeda XPA 6.6%
  • Coconut Stout 6.6%
  • SuperLup IPA 7.2%
  • Natalie Hazelnut Porter 6.6%
  • Oatmeal Stout 6.6%
  • Wicked Wahine Coconut Brown 5.8%
  • 93561 Pale 6.2%
  • Pineapple XPA 6.4%
  • Irish Cream Coffee Stout 6%
  • Hop in Red Bottoms DIPA 8.4%
  • Hop 10 DIPA 9.5%
  • Passion Fruit XPA 6.6%

As I mentioned, I had a hard time deciding what to order.  I started with a flight and a few tasters.  Either I made good choices, or everything there is just great.  I didn’t really care for the Passion Fruit XPA, but nearly everything else I tried I rated a 4/5 (or higher) on Untappd.

Sour Patch Kids tasted exactly how you would expect a liquid sour patch kid to taste.  It’s not exactly sour, but tastes like the candy.  I wouldn’t drink a whole pint, but it’s super good in a 4oz pour.

I also loved the Chocolate Maple Porter, the Pineapple XPA was awesome, and I left with a growler of the SuperLup IPA.


The Sweet Tooth Award:  Sour Patch Kids.  Next time I visit Tehachapi, they better still have this and I’m bringing in a certain type of candy to pair it with.  Any guesses?

Runner Up:  Apple/Cinni Blonde.  And can I have some apple pie with that?

Beer of Choice:  Blue Noser Chocolate Maple Porter.  It’s how a porter should taste.

Runner Up:  SuperLup IPA


Bravo, Honey Wagon!  You are awesome!

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