I’m just a small girl in a big world.  Nobody has done all the exact same things as I have.  Nobody has done all the exact same things as you have.  Everyone has a different life journey, this blog is the story of mine.

I’m from Wisconsin, and although I’ve never actually lived in Milwaukee (just the suburbs), I will forever consider Milwaukee my home.  It is one of my favorite places in the world.

My life has been mainly inconsistent: full of ups and downs, spontaneous adventures, random work schedules, lots of moving days, new and lost friendships, and lots of unfortunate hangovers.  And I love the inconsistent life.  So I’m going to keep it going as long as I can!  Of course there are also things in my life that are consistent: I have the best friends and family in the world.  

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I was really inspired to start this blog and do adventurous things when I saw that I had the same backpack as Adventurous Kate and the same tent as Reese Witherspoon had in Wild

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Some other random things about me:

  • IPAs are my favorite
  • I’ve brewed 3 beers
  • My dog, Steve, is the love of my life (so far…)
  • Thailand, Bolivia, and Spain are my favorite countries that I’ve been to
  • Turkey, Czech Republic, and Vietnam are top on my list of places to go
  • I watch a lot of TV shows, some favorites are Park & Rec, Friends, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Castle, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, and Misfits
  • I’ve never eaten a cheeseburger – just because
  • I procrastinate hardcore
  • My room is always messy
  • I go to bars by myself way more often than a normal person does
  • I don’t like going to movies because you can hear people chewing popcorn during the silences between the previews
  • I really want to get a tattoo but I’m kind of a chicken
  • For some reason, I really love double overpasses (or more than double)
  • If something is climbable, I will want to climb it
  • I love doing creative things… I build things, paint things, make videos, write songs, make jewelry, and other random things
  • I have a long tongue


Countries I’ve been to:

North America: USA, Canada, Mexico

South America: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador

Europe: Spain, Portugal, England, Wales, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany

Africa: Uganda, Morocco

Asia: Thailand, Laos, Philippines, Macau, Hong Kong

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