My 5 Goals for 2016

At the beginning of 2015, I started this blog and my first post was My 5 goals for 2015.  I am proud to say I accomplished each one. Here is how it went down…

These were my 2015 goals:

1. Be able to tell the difference between a stout and a porter.

My friend Adam and I actually made a video where we research this and do taste tests.  I just STILL have to edit it and post it (which will happen eventually… stay tuned for my 2016 goals).

Anyways, the difference is… there isn’t really a difference.  A stout is a darker porter, originally called a ‘stout porter’ and eventually shortened to simply ‘stout’.  So stouts are more commonly darker and stronger, but there isn’t a defining difference when one becomes the other, it is up the the brewer to decide.  Or the marketing team – which sounds better, ‘peanut butter porter’ or ‘peanut butter stout’?Always go for the alliteration.


2. Move out of Wisconsin, even if it’s just for a few months.

While I didn’t technically move anywhere or live anywhere else for longer than a month, I spent only 141 scattered and well-appreicated days in Wisconsin.  That’s 38.6% of the year.  The majority of my year was filled with European adventures and a cross-country USA road trip.


3. Brew my second batch of beer.

And it didn’t suck!

4. Floss more.

More?  Yes.  Enough?  Probably not.

5. Finish watching all the Harry Potter movies.

AND finished reading ALL the books.  I’m such an overachiever sometimes.  Life-changing.


YAY!! I should get a trophy or something.  Or maybe set some more challenging and meaningful goals for this year.  Whatever.  It’s a good feeling to look back on 2015 and see all the amazing things I’ve done.  It was a year that may be hard to top, but I think I can do it.  I’m already off to a great start in 2016 – I bicycled from San Francisco to San Diego, and now in the process of moving to San Francisco.  CRAZY THINGS ARE HAPPENING!!!

My 2016 goals:

1. Survive a year in San Francisco, and enjoy it!

Yes!  I’m a west-coast girl now!  I found a place to live here, but I won’t be able to afford it for very long without finding a job.  And while I am SO excited about living in the coolest city ever, I haven’t figured out how much of my life I will spend here.  Could be a year, 2 years, 5 years, forever.  But at least a year!  I need to give it a full chance, and stick it out even if it’s sometimes hard.  Then we’ll see how things are going later.

2. Improve my style and take better care of my hair and body.

My past year of travel hasn’t really allowed me to do this.  Hair and body products and tools didn’t make the cut for a spot in the backpack.  My ‘floss more’ goal in 2015 wasn’t as successful as it should have been.  And I’ve become a pro at wearing the same clothes for many days in a row.

So now that I will be a bit more ‘settled’, I can take better care of myself.  This should also help me survive in San Francisco, with all these cool kids here.  I want to learn how to do my makeup properly.  AKA: probably stop applying my foundation and eyeshadow with my fingers.  I want to treat my hair better so I don’t blend in with the homeless as much.  And not that there is anything wrong with my style now, but I may need to adjust depending on what kind of job I find.  And maybe stop wearing sweatpants to bars (maybe, but probably not).

3. Spend more time creating things than consuming things.

Creating things and learning skills improves your value as a person.  I want to become more valuable to myself, to those around me, and to the world.  While I’m not skilled enough yet to create a solution for world hunger, I can start with the small stuff to improve myself, so that someday I can cure a disease or something.  I’m going to spend more time cooking than I do consuming food others have made (consider that it takes way longer to cook than it does to eat… I will not be cooking ALL the time).  I going to spend more time writing and making videos than I spend watching TV.  I suppose this is impossible to measure, but I think I will just know.

4. Finish things that I start, and spend more time around people that motivate me.

I’ve never been good at this part.  I typically start off a project so passionately and intensely, but my motivation often disappears quickly.  For example, for this blog in 2015, I wrote 35 posts.  That’s great, right?!  Well, it’s not bad, but I also have 28 drafts of posts that I started but never finished, along with many other scribbles of ideas in my notebook that never came to life.  For another example, I have 4 video projects from JANUARY last year that I haven’t edited yet.  For another example, I built a table with my dad in like, 2010, that I still haven’t finished painting.  For another example, I printed a bunch of photos and was going to write adorable notes and randomly mail them to my friends.  I think I sent like 2.  I still have the photos though.  Somewhere.  It still could happen.

I wish I could force myself to just finish things!  I need to find better ways to hold on to my motivation, and I strongly believe that surrounding myself with other motivated people will help enormously.  And people that not just motivate me to finish the simple little things, but keep me motivated in life to be the best that I can.  Those people are hard to find.  I do already have some amazing and inspirational people in my life, but it’s difficult that are not constantly around me.  In the flesh.

5. Use at least 40 stamps.

Remember the adorable notes I was going to mail but never finished?  Well, this is the year of mail.  I’m going to buy two books of stamps and I will use them all.  I will use the to send those random letters, birthday cards, envelopes of glitter, and anything else I feel like.

So if I ask you for your address – the answer is ‘No’.  I’m not getting married.

Bring it on, 2016!

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